Old Vines in Sonoma County, California
This blog is about my trips to various wine regions around the world.  I mainly keep this blog so I won't forget some of the amazing wines, food, and people I meet when visiting the many magical wine regions of the world. Along the way, someone suggested that I share these observations on a blog, which could be useful to others.

However, I only update it after I return from a wine trip, so it may go through long periods with no activity.  My apologies for this, but despite this short-coming, perhaps there may be some information that is useful for others. I usually include description of wineries, favorite wines tasted, some driving directions, and often restaurant and hotel information.

I began this blog in 2008 when visiting wineries in Australia, and as the years have passed, I started adding more detail on viticulture and winemaking methods.  Some people have told me that this level of detail is boring, but since I find it fascinating, and this is my blog, I've decided to include it.

Please note that I have migrated this blog to a new platform at  https://winetravelstories2.com/, though content still lives on both sites.

This blog is not designed to make money or sell anything.  It is just to provide information for anyone who loves wine and travel like me.

Salute!  Liz Thach, MW

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