Sunday, May 18, 2014

Snapshot of the Argentina Wine Industry

Wines Regions of Argentina
According to the National Institute of Viticulture in Argentina, the country now boasts 894 wineries, with more than 300 exporting wine to the US. The signature red grape is Malbec, which has become a favorite in the States because of its velvety texture and blueberry notes. Torrontes, which produces perfumed and spicy wines, is the signature white grape. Argentina also produces large quantities of excellent cabernet sauvignon, Syrah, tannat, merlot, and chardonnay. Its sparkling wines, which are rarely exported, are refreshing, well priced, and similar in style to Prosecco.

There are 8 major wine regions, with Mendoza snuggled up close to the Andes in the western part of the country, producing 67% of the wine and home to more than half the wineries. Other famous areas include Salta in the far northwest, home of Torrontes and some spectacular Tannat, and Patagonia (Rio Negro), in the far south with cooler temperature and a reputation for producing chardonnay and pinot noir. Other regions include San Juan, La Rioja, Catamarca, and smaller wineries near Cordoba and Buenas Aires.

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