Friday, December 20, 2013

Photos of Winery Architecture in the Ningxia Wine Region of China

(Dec. 2013) On my second trip to the Ningxia wine region of China, I was able to visit six additional wineries and drive past many others along the new Ningxia wine route. Presently they have 100 different wineries with a lofty goal to reach 1000 in the next decade. What surprised me the most was the different types of architecture used for the wineries. They ranged from traditional and modern Chinese, to French Chateau, Industrial and Urban Ghetto. Quite Fascinating. Following are some photos of these wineries.

Chateau Bacchus (Photo by L. Thach)

Xixia King Winery (Photo by L. Thach)

Yuange Winery (Photo by L. Lockshin)

Chateau Yuanshi Winery (Photo by L. Thach)

Chateau Deda (Photo by L. Lockshin)

Chateau Helan Quingxue (Photo by L. Lockshin)

Chateau Lanyi (also called Lanny) (Photo by L. Lockshin)

Silver Heights Winery with Winemaker Emma Gao (Photo by L.Thach)

Chateau Changyu Moser (Photo by L. Thach)

Domaine Chandon Ningxia (Photo by

Tasting Room of Chateau Lilan (Photo by C. Lilan)


DeborahParkerWong said...

Thanks for the virtual tour, Liz! Makes me even more curious about what's being produced in these edifices.

Professor Liz said...

Dear Deborah,

Thanks for your comment. The quality of wine in the Ningxia region of China has increased dramatically in the past several years. Ch. Helan Quintxu won a Decanter trophy for their cab.

Unknown said...

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