Thursday, September 9, 2010

Dinner at Club Tapiz Restaurant, Mendoza, Argentina

(Sept. 3, 2010) After my 90 minute nap, I hit the gym and hot tub at Club Tapiz before getting ready for dinner. We had dinner reservations at 1884 in Mendoza, but everyone was so full from finishing lunch at 5:30 that we cancelled and scheduled a 9:30 dinner at the Club Tapiz Restaurant instead. Four of us attended (Yerco from Chile, Isabel from Spain, Nelson from Buenos Aires and me). As you can imagine, not speaking Spanish was an issue, but they were all kind enough to include me in the conversation and speak a combination of English and Spanish.

I had heard great things about the restaurant from others who had eaten lunch and dinner there before, but this was my first meal besides breakfast. All of the good reviews were correct, because my food was excellent. I started with a glass of sparkling wine from Chandon Argentina (extra brut again!), and had this with a fresh green salad which was excellent. For the main course, I decided to order a steak again – because, after all, I was in Argentina, the land of beef; and I was flying home the next day. Yerco also ordered steak. We paired this with the Mendell Malbec 2007, which was excellent (see earlier review).

Nelson and Isabelle ordered dessert, but I decided to try Fernet instead (see photo), which Gonzalo had told me was all the rage in Argentina. Many young people drink it in nightclubs mixed with coca-cola. It is similar to Yagermeister in that it is made from herbs and is a digestive. Nelson insisted they pour me a large glass (no coke) so that we could all taste it. I was expecting it to taste bitter, and therefore was pleasantly surprised when I found it to be a good after dinner drink. We also tried a “Liquor de Pomelo,” which was like a grapefruit lemoncello. It was very delicious. Wish I could have brought a bottle home.

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