Saturday, June 27, 2009

Lunch at Le Lion d’Or Restaurant, Arcins

After Cos, we headed South on the D2 and stopped to take photos of Lafite and Pichon – two estates I had visited last year while it was raining. Finally I could get a nice photo of them in the sun. Then we drove to the small village of Arcins where Caroline had kindly made reservations for us at this very famous Medoc restaurant, and we were impressed to find that every table had a reserved name tent on it with the name of person dining – including ours. Bottles of all of the top chateaux filled the wine shelves along the wall, and soon every table was filled with chattering customers – many bringing in their own bottles of wine. It was obviously a very popular place filled with wine industry elite.

As usual, we ordered the menu of the day and were very impressed at the amount of food we received for only $15E per person – including a glass of red Bordeaux! Not knowing this, we ordered a half bottle of white Graves. It went well with the first two courses of pate and then a vegetable soup. The main course was fish stew in a spicy red sauce which paired very well with the glass of red wine. Next were cheese; then dessert; and finally coffee in the outdoor patio. A very good experience.

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Shamit said...


Unfortunately we had a terrible and harrowing time at Lion d'or in Arcins . It is unfortunate that despite your recommendation and booking they were unable to provide both my guests with any vegetarian food. They served them boiled vegetables only and were not even marinated or with any sauce. It was really sad. I will never recommend the food or restaurant to any Indians visiting France/Bordeaux.

I strongly recommend discouraging any vegetarian from visiting the restaurant. The Chef was rude and abnoxious. He came and challenged us about our booking stating that only , but when he saw his diary and that he had noted veg consumers, he quickly changed his tune and became rude instead of angry. He started shouting at his people for taking our reservation. It was very very embarrassing in front of my guest. He them proceeded to whistle each time he passed our table (he gave us a table close to the kitchen and their was a drainage pipe there so it smelt of urine all over). Also when I requested for some one to explain the menu, they refused and they threw the menu at us. I finally persuaded the waiter to explain the French menu to us but alas, no veg food. I believe a good chef is not known only for his main specialities but the versitality and capability to invent. This chef is a failure. And given that the world is flat and people from around the world are coming to bordeaux to buy and taste wine, he better shut down his restaurant or retire and allow a new generation to cook