Sunday, April 20, 2008

Recommending Citea Residences in France

My hotel apartment outside of Lyon is quite nice. It is called Citea Lissieu and is about 10 minutes north of Lyons. I didn’t want to stay in Lyons because I didn’t want to drive in the city. This place is quite nice, clean, and new. I have a living room, kitchen, bath, and bathroom – 4 rooms in all. It has Internet, a swimming pool, breakfast for $7 Euros if you want it, and a laundry. Plus I got a great price and one night free on

Unfortunately I got very lost following the Google Earth Map instructions to find the hotel, and wish I would have just drove to Lissieu instead. If I had, I would have saved at least an hour and A6 tolls going the wrong way. As it was, I met lots of people stopping to ask for directions. Two guys drew me a map at one point; but finally a lady in a grocery store found a customer who spoke English and together they got me to the hotel.

Once I arrived I understood why it was difficult to find, because it really it like a very nice apartment complex instead of a hotel. There is a private gate which requires a remote control. There are flowers and trees in bloom, and it is painted in lovely colors. A very nice place to relax at the end of the day.

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