Wednesday, April 16, 2008


It’s hard to believe but I’ve had 2 great neck & shoulder massages within the last 24 hours – and they both were free! The first was with Virgin as part of their Upper Class service. Not only do they give you great martinis and full meals in their lounge (I had pork tenderloin with grilled fennel – lovely), but once on board, they give you pajamas, down comforters and pillows, seats that turn into flat beds, more than 60 movies to watch, and free massages! When I worked in industry I was able to fly business class on other airlines, such as United, Continental, British Air, and American – and none of them were as generous as Virgin. What a treat!

The second massage just occurred in the Air France lounge in Paris. I stopped by the massage booth to ask how much they were and was told “gratitude” – or free! So I had a wonderful free 15 minute neck and shoulder massage, and received a free sample of Clarin’s products. Apparently it is a joint promotion by Air France and Clarin’s. Very nice of them. Makes me think even more positively about both brands.

So now I’m relaxed and getting ready for the final leg of my trip – an hour and a half flight down to Montpellier.

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