Sunday, April 20, 2008

In Praise of French Cheeses

I am so amazed at the wonderful price of cheese in France. As I headed north towards Lyons, I stopped at a grocery store near Avignon because I knew I may not have time later. It was called Intermarche and is a chain. I purchased a gold medal award winning St. Aubin Brie for only $2.67 (large cheese in photo); two Crottin chevres totally $1.94, and a long thin pork sausage for $1.27. These were not even the special cheese in the glass case – they were regular cheese in the everyday case. And yet when I tasted them that evening with a glass of wine (that was dinner, because I was still full from lunch), I was amazed at the quality. Low cost, but excellent flavor! Wish we could get cheeses like this at home for these prices!

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