Sunday, March 23, 2008

Kangaroos in McClaren Vale

On Sunday, I drove to Uncle Gary and Aunt Marilyn’s house in McClaren Vale. They have an 80 acre ranch just outside the own on the hills above the vineyards. The nearest wineries are Wirra Wirra and Noon’s. Gary and I spent the afternoon wine tasting and then went 4-wheel driving on the property in search of kangaroos. I was amazed at how many we saw – at least 15 that evening but they are difficult to catch on camera (see video & photo). To date, I have now seen at least 40 kangaroos on their property – some are probably the same ones. There is a mother and baby that live near the water hole, and a huge male with a harem of females and babies up on the hill side. These are the blue kangaroos of South Australia and are quite amazing creatures. They actually hop and box – just like on the cartoons.

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