Sunday, March 23, 2008

Festival and Fun in Adelaide

I flew from Melbourne to Adelaide on Wednesday evening, Feb. 27 and spent the next 2 days at the University of South Australia doing research. Since festival was going on, I got to experience some of the wonderful exhibits and music. On Friday night we saw the light show and dance on North Terrace and had a nice party at Armando’s. Saturday, I picked grapes in McClaren Vale and attended a Harvest BBQ in the morning and afternoon, then returned to a BBQ at Larry and Janet’s house in Adelaide. A long fun day of eating and drinking incredible wines.

Larry and Janet were incredibly kind to let me stay 3 nights at their house. Plus my cousins, Kyra and Chris, let me crash for 2 nights at their place -- and treated me to a wonderful night at the Australian Dance Company's Green Giselle. Truely talented and amazing dancers. In addition, kind Uncle Gary and Aunt Marilyn put up with me for 5 nights at their ranch in McClaren Vale with all of the hopping kangaroos. I am truly blessed with good friends and family support during my visit to Australia.

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