Monday, February 18, 2008

Trying to Schedule Winery Appointments

I leave for Australia in less than 6 days now, and am desperately attempting to set-up some appointments at wineries. Of course, since I am going close to grape harvest, this is difficult because everyone is so busy. However, I've had much help from friends and am getting closer to confirming some appointments. I also think I may just drop by some of the wineries and see if I can help out.


Jo said...

hey liz: jo here in Rome. I might just have to move here! I had forgotten how beautiful, in a completely different way from Florence this place is of course different through MIchael,s eyes. Just here for a 3 day vaca as Armand starts his seminars next week and then March is busy with family and a trip to FInland...the 3 months will go so fast...hope you were succesful in getting taht upgrade. We were very lucky to get it but had to pay full fare it turns out that was what was availble anyway when you stay longer than 30 days...I am also praying for it on the way back but, it does not look good! Remember to tell me the dates and contact info for France..have lots of fun down under..
Jo and Armand

Professor Liz said...


Rome is very beautiful in the Spring and Fall. Glad you got to go there again.

Dates for France are April 14 through May 10. Let's try to connect.

Want to meet me in Bordeaux?