Monday, February 25, 2008

The Flight Over to Oz

After a nice filet migon dinner at Harris's SteakHouse in San Francisco with Zia and Mike, I headed to SFO airport. Of course my upgrade to business class didn't come through because the plane was full, but since we left at 10:20pm, I took an Ambien and was asleep before lift off. I awoke 8 hours later and got to know my seat mates -- a girl from Syndey who gave me driving advice for Australia and an American rock band member from Michigan. He was on a world-wide band tour with his 5 friends, and I learned how tough it is to make money in the music industry anymore because of all of the pirating of music. He said they get paid anywhere from $200 to $2000 a show, and have a range of 50 to 5,000 people show up -- with bigger audiences in Europe, and an amazing group of 22,000 in Japan. But after paying their agent, manager, and costs, they barely get any money. He said he often saves his $10 per day food per diem to help make ends meet, while his wife keeps down the fort at home. Tough life -- you have to be dedicated to be a rock musician now. He said the name of his band was Still Remains.

The flight landed a little late in Syndey, but I easily made my Melbourne connection and checked into the hotel by noon. Driving the rental car on the left side of the road was another story -- see Yarra Valley.


Janeenolsen said...

Glad you got there with no problems. I was afraid with the storm you wouldn't get out. Interesting story from the musician, I guess I am lucky Paul has a day job or we would be in trouble trying to eat on 10 dollars a day. Stay safe on the roads and can't wait to hear about the winery visits.

Professor Liz said...

Dear Devallejo,

Thanks for the comments. yes, I was surprised about how tough it is to make a living as a musician. Glad Paul is so multi-talented.

Jo said...

liz..great to read the stories here..hoping the flight back is much less crowded for you. Some of th enames osudn so Scottish viz. Rutherglen *a place near Glasgow*